Pisciculture nets by Badinotti

We are the authorized distributors of BADINOTTI GROUP S.p.A. products in Romania, such as fishing nets, rafts, PVC isothermal or fish storage bins, professional buoys and beacons, anchors, steel ropes, hawsers, and other anchoring elements.
WELD hydrobions for transporting fish are made depending on the type of car used or desired shapes and sizes by the beneficiaries through welding with hot air devices, from food approved Polyethylene, they are designed for long distance transport.

WELD feeders are very practical and useful for feeding fish. They are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, with UV protection. Inside there is a mechanism of stainless steel, mounted on floats, which provides mobility anywhere needed.

WELD tanks, basins and hatcheries, intended for use in fish farms are made from plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene) through welding. They can be made into any shape and size depending on the beneficiary’s desire.