Vehicle plating

Anti-corrosion protection for agricultural transport trucks made from high molecular density polyethylene UHMW-PE.
Protection and lining for plastic trunk, transport bin, etc. of cars and vans.
Plating of transport vehicles for food materials in accordance with CE rules.

Basin plating

The advantages of plating a concrete basin with polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) firstly, consist in the maximum impermeability, also being very resistant to acids or chemicals and are ideal for storing or neutralizing them. You can plate electroplating vats or basins that already exist, thus prolonging life span, but also resolving environmental issues.

Silo plating

Silos plated with Polyethylene (PE) are durable and efficient resisting to corrosion and bad weather, have mechanical and chemical resistance and are guaranteed waterproof. These qualities allow usage of silos for safekeeping and storing food in the most optimal conditions.