Type: ball check valve
– Ball valve with solvent welding code SXEIC
– Ball valve with internal threads on both ends code SXENC
Available diameters:
– DN65 – DN100 mm (nominal diameter)
– D75 – d110 mm (external diameter)
– 2”1/2 – 4”(for the check valves with internal threads at both ends)
Sealing gasket: EPDM or FPM


Aplications: used in different installations where high chemical resistance is required to different chemical agents
– Chemical industry
– Food industry
– The metal coating industry (galvanizing, chroming, etc.)
– Chlorination station and watertreatment systems
– Swimming pools
Range of working temperature: 0 – 95° C
Pressure: PN16

The SXE Easyfit check valve with ball shutter line developed with Giugiaro Design stands out for the innovative installation method that guarantees reliable service over time. This valve is also equipped with a customising Labelling System.

  • Connection system for solvent weld and threaded joints
  • Valve material compatibility (PVC-C) with water conveyance, drinking water and other food substances according to current regulations
  • PN16 True Union valve body made for PVC-C injection moulding and compliant with European Directive 97/23/EC for PED pressurised equipment. Test requirements compliant with ISO 9393
  • Easy radial disassembly and fully interchangeable with VXE 65-100 valve models
  • Union nuts with rack for tightening adjustment via Easyfit handle or via Easytorque adjustment kit (available as accessories)
  • Vertical (preferable for SXE model) and horizontal installation potential

1 Customisable Labelling System: built-in LCE module on the valve body made up of transparent protection plug and customisable tag holder using the LSE set (available as accessory). The customisation potential lets you identify the valve on the system according to specific needs
2 Optimised dynamic fluid design: energy savings thanks to the improved valve Kv value with consequent pressure drop reduction
3 High surface finish ball shutter: wear reduction, increase in working life and reduced valve maintenance. Ideal for conveying dirty fluids, even with suspended solids and filaments thanks to the special design that permits internal valve selfcleaning
4 Locked ball seat carrier: safe dismounting for maintenance with the Easyfit multifunctional handle or Easytorque kit