Type: Sediment strainer valve
– Sediment strainer valve with solvent welding code RVUIV-RVUIT/RVIV-RVIT
– Sediment strainer valve with internal threads at both ends code RVUFV-RVUFT/ RVFV-RVFT
– Sediment strainer valve with flanges cod RVOV-RVOT/ RVOAV-RVOAT
Available diameters:
– DN10 – DN100 mm (nominal diameter)
– d16 – d110 mm (external diameter)
– 3/8”- 4” (for internal threads)
Sealing gasket: EPDM


Aplications: used in different installations where high chemical resistance is required to different chemical agents
– Chemical industry
– The metal coating industry (galvanizing, chroming, etc.)
– Chlorination station and watertreatment systems
– Swimming pools
Range of working temperature: 0 – 60° C
Pressure: PN16


The RV Sediment strainer limits the passage of any solid particles present in the fluid by means of a strainer.

  • Connection system for solvent weld, threaded and flanged joints
  • Strainer mounted on an easily removed support that facilitates the cleaning or replacement
  • Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) with water conveyance, drinking water and other food substances according to current regulations
  • Can be maintained with the valve body installed