The FEOV is a butterfly valve for shutting off or regulating flow, specifically designed for water applications and equipped with a customisable Labelling System.

In addition to manually operated version, the FE is also available in configuration with pneumaticalactuator FEOV/CP.

FEOV/CP is produced using actuators complying with current regulations and selected by FIP according to its requirements of quality and reliability.


Type: butterfly valve

Technical documentation

Operation: pneumatically actuator

Pneumatic actuator produced on FIP specifications:

– The actuator body is made of a special aluminium alloy for applications in aggressive environments

– Solenoid air connections according to NAMUR standard.

– Top drilling for accessories fastening and upper shaft size according to VDI/VDE 3845 standard.


– optical position indicator*

– electro pneumatic positioner

– pneumatic positioner

– limit-switches box

– 3-5/2 way pilot solenoid valve

Material: PVC-U

Instalation: between flanges

Available diameters:

  • DN40 – DN200 mm (nominal diameter)
  • D50 – d225 mm (external diameter)

Sealing gasket: EPDM or FPM

Aplications: used in different installations where chemical resistance is required to different chemical agents

Chlorination station and watertreatment systems

  • Swimming pools

Range of working temperature: 0 – 60° C

Pressure: PN16


  • Disk in PVC-U with through shaft
  • Zinc plated square section steel stem completely isolated from the fluid complying with standard ISO 5211:

DN 40 ÷ 65:         11 mm

DN 80 ÷ 100:       14 mm

DN 125 ÷ 150:     17 mm

DN 200:                22 mm

  • Can also be installed as an end line valve, bottom discharge valve or tank dump valve
  • The wafer valve can be transformed into a one-way Lug body valve thanks to the set of zinc plated steel inserts available as an optional extra
  • Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) with water conveyance, drinking water and other food substances according to current regulations