Type: Wafer check valve
– Wafer check valve between stubs and flanges code CROV
Available diameters:
– DN40 – DN300 mm (nominal diameter)
– d50 – d315 mm (external diameter)
Sealing gasket: EPDM
Aplications: used in different installations where high chemical resistance is required to different chemical agents


– Chemical industry
– The metal coating industry (galvanizing, chroming, etc.)
– Chlorination station and watertreatment systems
– Swimming pools
Range of working temperature: 0 – 60° C
Pressure: PN5


The CR wafer check valve is designed to be installed directly between stubs and flanges in accordance with ISO/DIN standards

  • Installed with FIP QPV (d50 – d160) stubs and QRV stubs using flat gasket QHV/Y (d225 – d315), on PVC piping class PN10 or lower with type ODV flanges
  • Metal support for easy and precise centring of the valve during installation
  • Can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position
  • Sealing system with O-ring for optimum sealing and installation without flat gaskets