Series of fittings designed for conveying fluids under pressure with a cold chemical weld jointing system (solvent welding) using a suitable solvent cement and cleaner-primer.

The different formulations obtained by adding suitable additives and stabilizers render the PVC-U the most versatile of all plastic materials, allowing it to be adapted to many applications involving fluids under pressure. PVC-U represents one of the more economic solutions in the field of thermoplastic and metal materials for resolving problems in the transport of corrosive chemical fluids, and in the distribution and treatment of water in general.


– Good chemical resistance: U-PVC resins guarantee excellent chemical resistance with regard to most acids and alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons and saline solutions. U-PVC resins are also totally compatible for the handling of food grade fluids, treated and untreated drinking water, as well as demineralised water according to current national and international standards.

– Good thermal stability: Mostly in the intermediate temperature range between 20°C and 50°C, U-PVC finds its ideal application in industrial and water supplies, assuring optimal performance in terms of mechanical resistance, good rigidity, low coefficients of thermal expansion and optimal safety factors in service.

– Lifetime: U-PVC resins feature is an high value in the material strength (Minimum Required Strength MRS = 25.0 Mpa at 20°C) and an extremely extended lifetime.

– Fire resistance: PVC-U resins also have excellent fire resistance with a flash point of 482°C. The flame, in fact, only persists if the oxygen concentration is three times that of atmospheric or in the presence of a flame from an external

source. PVC-U resins are classified VO, 5VB and 5VA according to UL94.

–              Diameters: d20 – d500 mm
–              Pressure: PN6 – PN16

–              Diameters: d20 – d500 mm with pressure PN16
–              Threads: 3/8” – 4”
–              Solvent welding at both ends:
o             Elbow 90° (GIV), Elbow 45° (HIV), Socket (MIV), Tee (TIV), Tee 45° (YIV), Cross (XIV), End cap (CIV), Union (BIV), Reducing Tee (TRIV), Reducer – long (RIV), Reducer – short (DIV), Flange stub (QPV, QRV), Backing ring (ODV), Hose adaptor (AIV)

–              Solvent welding at one end and male or female thread at the other end:

o             Elbow 90° (GIFV), Socket (MIFV), Tee (TIFV), Union with female thread (BIFV), Adaptor with female thread (DIFV), Adaptor male thread (KIFV), Union with male thread (BIRV), Union with female thread in brass (BIFOV), Union with male thread in brass (BIROV)

–              Solvent welding at one end and male or female thread at the other end, with reinforcment ring:

o             Elbow 90° (GIMV), Socket (MIMV), Tee (TIMV), Adaptor with female thread (DIMV), Hose adaptor (AFV)

–              With threads at boh ends:

o             Elbow 90° (GFV), Elbow 45° (HFV), Socket (MFV), Tee (TFV), End cap (CFV sau PFV), Union (BFV), Nipple (NFV), Reducing nipple (NRFV), Reducer (RFV, DFV).

For complete range of products and dimensional range please download the Technical Catalogues for PVC-U Fittings .

Aplications: used in different installations where high chemical resistance is required to different chemical agents

  • Chemical industry
  • The metal coating industry (galvanizing, chroming, etc.)
  • Chlorination station and watertreatment systems
  • Swimming pools

Range of working temperature: 0 – 60° C